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This game is nearing completion. I just recently created a cheat code screen. I'll try to hide cheat code clues in certain maps. Everything is how I originally wanted it to be as opposed to when I began shortly after finishing RC Racer 2. Then, it was a higher resolution Sly Devastator that I was bored of working on due to not knowing what to do. I was quite amazed I was even able to add the grab, drop, and throw mechanic to the game. It's something I wanted to put into Sly Devastator but at the time I didn't have an idea how to do it. This game will be out sometime this summer. All that's left to do is record the soundtrack and add finishing touches to the levels. I decided against a public beta because it takes time away from actually making the game. The time it takes to export to exe, compress the folder, then upload the rar file takes about an hour. That hour could be used for anything else. Also people who downloaded the first few versions weren't blessed with the final version because they think the first one is it. So in other words, i'm making sure everyone is playing the same game by doing beta testing locally with friends.

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